Support Team


MIKE COUPE CEO and Field Representative

As an entrepreneur, Mike Coupe started and ran MC Ceramics, Piedmont Pools, and Advanced Underground Specialist during his secular career.

As a missionary, Mike looked for a way to provide long term financial help to those he ministered to and was able to start businesses and then pass the ownership and running of those businesses over to men and women whom he trained.

The Solid Rock Foundation, an excavation company, and block plant facility, and Turtle Bay Café are two such businesses.

Since 2012 Mike has acted as a field representative for Radiant Relief in the West Indies and is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and Disaster Relief Coordinator.

Mike is also a Missionary Pastor and Pilot presently serving as the director of the Chapel and Outreach Ministries, at the Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.


JOSH BUTLER Chairman of the Board & Aviation Advisor

Joshua Butler is the chairman and aviation maintenance advisor for the Radiant Relief Board.

Josh accepted Christ as his Savior at 22 and has served as a music minister, nursing home preacher and Sunday school teacher. Currently, he and his wife, Elizabeth, serve as music ministers at their local nursing home. Josh has been involved in aviation for the past 20 years, flying his first solo flight at age 16.

After graduating high school, he attended Tennessee Tech Univerisity and graduated with an aircraft avionics degree. He has also earned an Airframe and Power plant license, FCC radio operator’s license, and Master technician certification for Dassault Falcon aircraft.

Currently, he is the Aviation Crew Chief for Tyson Foods Inc. who schedules the daily aviation maintenance operations as well as inspects the aircraft for their department.

It is his honor to serve and help Radiant Relief.



Elizabeth Butler and her husband, Josh, live in Northwest Arkansas. They have one daughter, Chloe, who is six.

She is grateful for growing up in a Christian home and trusting the Lord at an early age.

Having majored in education, she is eager about teaching in a local Christian school this fall. As the secretary of Radiant Relief, her responsibilities include receiving the contributions and making the deposits each month.

In addition to all of those responsibilities, she supports in many other ways as needed.


BETH FREEMAN Chief Financial Officer

Beth Freeman is an accountant by trade (30 plus years) and a servant of the Lord by heart.  She is a longtime member of Stanfill Baptist Church in Jacksonville AR where she serves as music director, Sunday School teacher, church treasurer and anything else that they need!

She was saved in 1997 at the age of 41 after being in church most of her life.  She was raised in a loving, Christian home, was baptized at the age of 13 and thought that she was “okay” with God.  Then she came to realize that there was so much more to being a Christian!  It was then that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior AND Lord.  Her life has not been the same since!  Praise the Lord!

She has been serving Radiant Relief as treasurer since June of 2013.  It has been her honor to serve in this capacity and she is excited to see what God has in store for this ministry!