CPM History

In 1987 we founded the Caribbean Partnership Mission for the purpose of ministering in the West Indies. In 1988 I was ordained by First Baptist Church of Dallas. Before my wife and I, Bob and Carrie Burgoyne left for Dominica, both the First Baptist Church of Dallas and the Criswell Bible College held commissioning ceremonies for us. That same year we moved to Dominica to teach and preach God's Word. In 1993 we returned to the states because of family problems and of the need to care for Carrie's ailing mother, Grace. The family problems were resolved and the Lord took Grace home in November of 2000. During the intervening years, we have returned to Dominica several times to aid churches and continue in the ministry there. It has been wonderful to see how God has blessed and grown the work. Now, God has impressed Carrie and me to return to Dominica and resume our ministry there. From our experiences, in Dominica, the Lord has unfolded the present needs and therefore the purpose of CPM. That purpose is to provide a non-profit organization as a vehicle in which Christ may reach out through His people, not only to Dominica but also throughout the West Indies. Evangelism is the overall means to accomplish this end.

Bob Burgoyne


To my brothers and sisters in Christ,

I am writing this for those who are at work in the Savior’s fields. My name is Bob Burgoyne. My wife, Carrie, and I have been foreign missionaries since 1988, working predominantly in Dominica, a small island nation in the West Indies.

In November of 2009, at the ages of 77, it was necessary for us to return to the States for medical reasons. In that year, as it became apparent that we would have to leave our beloved Dominica, we began to pray to the Lord for those who He would send to replace us.

In the spring of 2010, through seemingly unrelated circumstances, but directed by God, He answered our prayers. He had arranged for us to meet Mike and Glenda Coupe, along with their daughter, Krista. The three of them were serving as missionaries with Restore Ministries and as teachers on Haiti, where Mike was busy building a church and school, which had been destroyed in the earthquake. God’s Word was taught and preached at every opportunity and souls were saved.

The Coupes have been dedicated to missions for many years, being used by God in many countries stretching from Belize, South America to India. Mike and Glenda finally felt the call to full-time missionary service and began praying for God’s direction as to where He would direct them for service. As they stepped out on faith, Mike sold his contracting business and vehicles to pay off debts, divesting themselves of stateside responsibilities.

I contacted Mike in Haiti and described the ministry, which had grown over the years and the void that we were leaving in Dominica. As a result, we made arrangements for the five of us to fly together to Dominica, so they could learn first hand of the ministry needs. During our stay in Dominica, Mike and Glenda met with pastors and their congregations, visited in homes, preached, taught, sang and in general immersed themselves in the ministry. To describe the week in brief, the Coupes spectacularly won the hearts of all Dominicans they met. On the final Sunday Mike was preaching an ordination service for four of our preachers and pastors. It was during this message that he felt God’s answer to their prayers. Both Mike and Glenda realized at that moment that He was calling them to full-time service in Dominica.

Mike and Glenda are now in the process of deputation to raise prayer and financial support for the ministry that lies ahead of them. Please prayerfully listen to their testimonies, and as God directs you, help provide the monthly support that they need. They have no outside income and they are faithfully counting on our brothers and sisters in Christ to provide for their needs.

Allow me to close by saying that the Coupe family is one of the most dedicated families that I have met in the ministry. Their teaching and preaching reflect the message of the Bible accurately and with no error, and their family life reflects the love of God. Their faith in God’s provision is undaunted. You must know that they will be diligent to follow the will of God, and as you partner with them, your support, both prayer and financial will be honored in all that He directs.

In His love and in His fields with you,

Bob Burgoyne