Mike & Glenda Coupe


Mike was introduced to world missions as a result of a trip to Puerto Rico. He worked with deaf teenagers and saw many give their lives to Christ. While on a trip to India and the Philippines in January of 2007, God touched Mike’s heart and opened his eyes to the need for mission work, resulting in his surrender to the full-time ministry. Since then, Mike and Glenda have served together in Costa Rica, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Dominica.

God has opened an effectual door for them to ministry in the West Indies. They will serve on the island of Dominica and will use aviation as a vehicle to assist the national pastors and ministries already planted. God has given them a vision that will include evangelizing, baptizing and church planting, coupled with disaster and humanitarian relief aid, as required.

Our Salvation

Mike and Glenda Coupe met in Florida at the age of nineteen and married in November of 1981. Their son David was born in May of 1982 and daughter Krista in April of 1987. As a young couple raising a family, they had all the usual struggles, but Mike’s drug addiction compounded these struggles. Mike’s party lifestyle and dangerous habits added financial issues to an already stressful situation. Mike and Glenda knew they had a problem and needed some help.

Shortly after a strong marital argument, Mike’s brother called and invited Mike and Glenda to attend church with him at Solid Rock Baptist Church of Homosassa, FL. That morning Mike and Glenda heard a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the salvation message was preached, they both realized their sinful condition and the need for a Saviour.  Brother Wiley Wooten clearly presented the Way of Salvation, and they believed by faith this message. At the age of 26, after hearing the Gospel for the first time, they were both gloriously saved.